Sean Marpo

Owner/Technician/Software Engineer

Established in 2010

We (actually there is only one of "us") have been doing this since 2010 when Sean was 15 years old. MarpTech has been a passion project for Sean for a while now, and it still maintains a high priority in his life.

Here to Support You

MarpTech is truly here to prove tech support doesn't have to suck or be prohibitively expensive. We charge reasonable prices and provide unparalleled service. Our customers are our priority, and we are here to show you that resolving tech issues doesn't have to painful on your sanity or wallet.

We Are Here for You 7-Days a Week

Did your computer explode on a Friday evening or hard drive crash on a Sunday? We are here to help you get back up and running all days of the week. Our consulting services follow the same pattern. Let's get in touch, and we can discuss a game-plan as soon as possible.