InfoSec Consulting

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Web Application Testing.

Looking to get your web app security tested before the bad guys do? Let us help you identify flaws, bad coding patterns, and general security misconfigurations.

Network Security Assessment.

Looking to find gaps in your corporate network? We provide network testing services to better assist you in securing your enterprise from malicious actors trying to gain access.

Security Consulting.

Building out a new application or network? Want security to be part of your considerations? Let us help you make a plan and move forward securely instead of finding flaws months and years down the road.


I am a Security Engineer by day, and curious hacker by evening. I've been working in the Web Application security field for around 5 years now, and I have a passion for Web App security.


Any and all InfoSec services will result in a report containing actions items, reproduction steps, relevant information, and remediation recommendations


Not all issues are easily remediated, but we can provide additional assistance when a path forward is not clear. We will be around to assist in resolving action items even if the solution is not immediately apparent.